Help kick start a new set of speaker IR's


Hey, all. Not affiliated with OwnHammer or anything, but as hopefully some of you know, they recently came out with a "public Beta" demonstrating some new sounds that really do seem to be heading in a promising direction. Wen I say "they," I really mean "he"... It's a one-man shop. Anyway, partly because of that last factoid, he has launched a way to buy into the concept and help him buy some extra gear (maybe an extra pair of hands) to bring these to fruition.

If you haven't already tried the public Beta, give it a shot and compare it to the same speaker sampled by either OH's old method or other comparable IR's. To me and to some other people, there is a substantial change for the better. Then decide if it is worth pre-purchasing a bundle of cab IRs. is the place to get started if you would like to buy a bundle and help him get going on this project.

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