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Help me build a pedalboard


low rent hobbyist
I'll confess, I'm a pedal n00b. I've been holding a guitar for 33 years, but have always struggled with pedals and their use. I end up selling them off, and using a guitar > cord > amp.

I am putting together a small pedalboard, and would like some input as to how to arrange the effects, and perhaps some upgrades or pedal suggestions.

What I have are an ST-200 Turbo Tuner, Buddha Wah, Barber Tone Press, Hardwire Delay, Dano CTO-1 & CT-1 Tremolo. It's powered with a Godlyke PA-9, connected with George L's and has to be packed onto a small 15.5" X 12" Gator pedalboard

I have a Wampler Buffer, Barber B-Buff Barber Diry Bomb and a Timmy on order. How the heck am I gonna fit these?

So far I've got it set like this,

Wah > Tuner > Comp > CTO-1 > DDSS > Tremolo > Delay
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very classy board, lot of good tones in their for the price I bet. Now your making me want to get one of those turbo tuners, how you like it?


low rent hobbyist
Thanks :)

I went from a TU-12 to a TU-2 then to the Turbo. There is no comparison. The ST-200 is better in every regard. It's easy to use, fast and doesn't suck tone

Pat Healy

Senior Member
Worked out great! I went with the IEC power jack on my board as well. It's a nice touch.

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