Help me choose a lightweight power amp.....


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Hi all,

I am looking to build a "Twin Lite." I use a Boogie MK1 RI as my big amp, and a Quilter Tone Block as my little amp. I want the Twin Lite to be somewhere in the middle of the, it can be a bit kore substantial than the Tone Block, but lighter than the Boogie.

I am a roots/americana multi instrumentalist. I play 335's, teles, jazzmasters, acoustic guitars, and banjo....and I want to do it all through 1 rig! I am all set on speaker cabs. I will be using a 1x12 loaded with a Telonics TSNEO12. I have also pretty much decided on buying a Sarno Revelation or SMS Classic Preamp. Both preamps are tube.

But I am undecided on power amp. I want something I am looking solid state only. Do I get a 2nd Tone Block to run a stereo setup with the pre? Or do I buy a Matrix GT1000fx?

I like the DI on the Quilter, and like the idea that I always have a backup built in. Plus, if I get the stereo Quilter setup it still looks like there is enough room to route the cable to the front, and leave everything plugged in when not in use. I like that the Matrix is 1RU and powerful. I currently own 1 Tone Block, and have owned a GT800fx in the past. I think either would work great, but am having trouble deciding which to I am looking for opinions!


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