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Help me find some speakers


Hi everyone, I've semi-recently decided I want to replace the stock g12t-75's in my 1960a with new speakers. My problem is that I have no idea what speakers to get. Originally i was going to get some vintage 30's, but after getting a fair amount of negative feedback on them, and actually playing my friends orange cab i can officially rule out the vintage 30's. I'm playing a jcm2000 dsl100, and the vintage 30's made the amp sound like it had no body at all.

so now I've got a couple more options that I'm looking at. The speakers I'm looking at are the greenback, classic lead 80, and the g12h30. Can anyone provide some info on how those speakers differ tonally?

Also, I've recently found out about warehouse speakers, and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of the speakers? I've read a few things on the internet about people who like them, but I'd like to have more comments on them, how do they stack up to the authentic celestions?

Any feedback is appreciated.
thank you!

ps. i play heavier music, but i like to keep as much clarity in my guitar tone, if you'd like theres a link to the bands myspace in my signature to give you more of an idea. thanks again


Silver Supporting Member
I currently have V30, CL-80 and Greeny ... CL-80 has a ton of bass and strong presence, but notes are hidden a little more than with the V30. Both have a modern vibe. Greenbacks are a huge change from modern type speakers, they take time to get used to. They do have a lot more going on tonally IMHO, are strong in the mids, and can work well with a modern sound without ever sounding too big. The best thing you can do is search the forum for clips and see what you like.


yeah, i've been having a bit of trouble finding quality sound clips of the speakers, but i'll search through the member soundclip area again.


A CL-80 mixes well with a V30. I've got a Warehouse ET-65 on the way which is like a higher wattage greenback. I've got a Warehouse CL-80 clone I'd probably part with if you wanted to try one out.

I gotta ask... Was your buddies V30 loaded cab fairly new? V30's take a long time to break in and they sound really "hollow" is the only way I can describe it till they do. It's as if there's too much bass and waaaay too much treble. Once they break in they get this nice upper mid punch thing going. They're still bright but not overly so.


Thank You Great Spirit!
Gold Supporting Member
Yeah, clips are a great idea........ if you can find clips made by someone who has the same gear you have, and plays the same type of music you play.

Listening to online clips of guitar speakers is like listening to online clips of microphones.......in a double blind, nobody can tell you which speaker is which, especially when one guy is playing metal and the next guy is playing blues and the next guy plays country, 3 different amps, different guitars, different mics, etc......

Sorry, not mocking you guys, but I've learned the hard way that the only way to find the right speakers for YOUR guitar is to buy them, try them side by side, and sell the ones that dont inspire you. online clips wont help you.

And except for the Greenback, I can tell you it is very tedious trying to hear differences between various Celestion speakers. Celestions, more than any collection of Webers or Eminence, all sound quite similar to me. I gave up on Celestions - except for my Greenback - because they all sound so much alike. It's hard enough to compare them in person side by side, I dont know how you can do it by listening to clips online. :knitting

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