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Help me install Texas Specials in a Tele-Hwy 1


Obviously i need a soldering iron w/ a few practice runs.

I believe there are only TWO wires to connect with the Texas Specials PUs, right? 1) pickup selector switch & 2) the volume pot
I have a print out of the electronics for a stock Hwy 1 (from the Fender website)

So, I just "heat up" the existing solder joints with the soldering iron to disconnect it?
AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK? please help me out bros
....opinions on these pickups are welcome too.

(stock Hwy1 PUs cannot keep up with the tone of my other guitars)


yes heat just enough that it comes loose. Then using desolder braid clean up the mess. Using this braid is one of the trickiest skills to learn. Take your time and don't overheat anything! (use heat sinks where apropriate)

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