Help me name my band!


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I've gotten together a band recently and we need a name. We play covers, mostly classic rock, heavy on the southern rock and leaning into blues. We're a 5 piece, with 2 guitars, keys, bass and drums. We will sometimes have some female backup vocalists, and both I and the keyboard player sing. We're in Middle Tennessee northwest of Nashville. We'll probably do some original stuff once we've gotten some gigging under our belts. We're mostly older (between 30 and 50), and not real photogenic, but fairly clean-cut compared to most of the southern rock crowd. We all have day jobs. We plan to do occasional gigs, mostly for local small corporate events, private parties and sometimes but not regularly the local clubs. We're aiming for regional fame and to have fun and maybe some limited supplemental income, but have no illusions about "getting signed" and "making it big". Got a name I can use? I prefer one that I won't have to fight someone else for, is not too "cute", not too corporate, not too bland, and maybe gives a hint as to what to expect from us.
Oh and if you need us to play an event - hit me with a PM.;)


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Ya know, this happens quite often here and the OP gets a ton of GREAT names mixed in with a bunch of fun and silly names, but they never go with what is offered.

Never understood that.

I could have named 50 bands with what I've heard here.

Anyway, I suggest "Highbank"


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I just did a search looking for the previous threads with the "ton of GREAT names" and didn't come up with much. Any links? Thanks!


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Too bad you're not a 3-piece. You could be:

Dewey, Rock'em, and Howe.

Sorry, I nabbed that one last year...and I actually came up with it myself! Funny, huh?:D

Dewey, Rockem and Howe

...and it's actually working pretty well for us!

How about...Southern Exposure? I even have some art for this name since we used it for awhile, but the band is long dead so you're welcome to it...even have T-Shirts with this art!



Do one of two things: Use one of those word generator goodies that makes you type in what is says to make sure your real...time after time until you find a name....

or read some of Chcuk Palahniuks books are sort out some of his goodies.


Who was that masked man?
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Search over: Hillbilly Vampires.

You can thank me later.

todd richman

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How about No Illusions since you guys have no illusions about making it big! If not that, did you guys go to the same high school and have a favorite gym teacher?

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