Help me pick a guitar


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I am a fan of the classic looks Strats, telecasters , les Pauls especially the special in TV yellow and the standard .

My current arsenal is a 2015 American Standard Strat. I was hoping for something with humbuckers to complement. I thought I would like p90s but every p90 guitar I play has an awesome neck pickup but the volume and “strength” of the bridge feels really weak .

I played recently a Les Paul Standard and loved it I also loved the PRS ce pattern thin neck.

The thing I loved about the les Paul was the boomy tones. On the PRS I loved the neck and the clarity on the pickups. I would have bought the Gibson les Paul Standard in a heart beat if it was in the budget . Although I liked the PRS a lot I am not a huge fan of the styling.

I also tried a les Paul special TV yellow but was disappointed in the bridge pickup they were thin and low volume , craftsmanship(bad paint job on neck ,horrible factory setup)

My wish list is ideally something with nitro finish , humbuckers , thinner neck , “classic” styling and my budget is around $1300.

anything else I should try or be looking at in this price range ?

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