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Help Me Pick -- Fetto Dlx or KOTB for Blackface


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Trying to decide on a new od/distortion for Marshall tones playing through a vintage Fender Princeton Reverb. So far, I am leaning towards the Fetto Dlx or King of the Britains. Any others? Please help me decide.


Have you tried the Zvex box of rock? I chose that over KOTB for the one sound I was after, although KOTB has more variability if that is what you're after.


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cmatmods brownie at fr8_trane specs. 130 bucks of pure heaven. end of search. . . for me. . .


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Gotta say the KOTB based on my experience. I've had both and still own the KOTB.

First off, let me say that the Fetto Dlx is a really nice pedal, but for me it just didn't have the mids available to make my blackface-style amp do the Marshall thing.

Plus, it really irritated me that the boost couldn't be used separately and that it always gave a volume boost (as opposed to just a distortion boost). I like that the KOTB boost can be used on its own to boost other pedals or the amp, and that you can just get a big gain boost if you want.

So, for a blackface amp, the KOTB definitely has my vote for the best sounding and most versatile.


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KOTB, Hands Down. I've never played a Fetto, but I've had a BOR. It's gone and the KOTB remains. Great pedal all-around.


I owned KOTB, BOR and Fetto Dlx..

In my Opinion, Fetto is the best.. Fetto has the most amp like sounding but BOR has the best boost pedal compare to 3 of them..

Hope it helps..

Ben C.

I've also owned a Fetto Deluxe, KotB (6 and 7 knob versions) and Box of Rock (USA). Still have the Fetto Dlx. and it's my desert island pedal. Like beni, I feel it's the most amplike / dynamic / natural sounding of the three. The KotB is really a close second, but IMO the highs were a little smoother (7 knob) it sounded a little less open, and the EQ controls weren't as 'powerful'. Little higher noisefloor as well when going for higher gain.

The Box of Rock is a great, warm sounding OD for low gain. But when you start cranking it, the highs start getting a little shrill and the lows start smearing. And side-by-side with something like the KotB or Fetto Dlx., it sounds like a compressed distortion pedal. Very nice boost though, but if you want that, then just grab a SHO.

Hi BAN!! I know we've heard things completely oppositely ;) . To me, the mid switch on the Fetto Dlx. (flat / boosted) gave plenty of mids and thickening although I usually run with that switch in the 'flat' mode. Granted, the only Fenders I've used it with were a '67 (blackface) Bassman, '76 Twin, HR Dlx. and HR DeVille. I don't think any of them are quite as thin sounding as a Deluxe Reverb, but the Fetto Dlx. sounded full and Marshall Super Lead-y through all of them.



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I compared extensively.
BOR: too much bass, can't be dialed out.
Fetto: GREAT, but a little bit more processed sounding. Tweaking inside is a hassle. Never played the DLX version.
KOTB (8 knob): most like a real plexi, my favorite.


Had the BoR and Fetto Dlx...i found the Fetto to be more toneful and easier to get a 'tone' out of than the BoR or any other Marshall in a box style of pedal.

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