Help me pick, Super Hard on, Sex Drive, Flying Dragon, Fat Boost II

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I would like to purchase a dedicated boost unit. I am trying to decide between the Super Hard On, Sex Drive, Flying Dragon and Fat Boost II. I have played all of them except the Fulltone. I would love opinions from those who have compared any of these.


Here's my take on some boost pedals I have experience with...two of which you ask about...others which you don't ask about...this is copied from a simular thread I did on another forum...they were ranked in order of my favorites from 1 to 4...

Clean Boosters:

1. Zvex SHO: Still my personal favorite after all these years with it...since '99...Ten Years has the best boost tone to my ears...adds that something extra to your tone that really makes it shine, sparkle, and stand out in a crowd. This is more of a tone shaping pedal that wants to be left on all the time compared to being a just steppin' on it to boost a solo pedal. Also, get's mighty loud.

2. Tone Factor 75 Special: Great booster! It's gets the loudest volume in the bunch. I really like how it makes your guitar signal stand out in front of the mix during the first half of the volume knob and then it really begins to do the crunchy boost to your tone in the second half.

3. Landgraff Boost Pedal: This is a very sweet and smooth toned boost pedal. It adds a nice musical boost to your tone. It's not really a loud, volumey adds a nice roundness to your guitar tone. This pedal could do duty as both as always on tone shaper or as a step on to give a solo or rythmn section that little extra tone that makes it stand out pedal. To me it was nothing like the SHO (comparison based on all those internet rumours which might or might not be true).

4 (tie). MXR Micro Amp: This is a volume boostin' takes your tone and makes it louder...much louder. Doesn't really color your existing tone...just makes it louder.

4 (tie). Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost-Modern Boost side: Another it takes your tone and makes it louder booster...dosn't really color your existing tone...just makes it louder.

4 (tie). Fulltone Fat Boost: Yep, another it takes your tone and makes it louder booster...dosn't really color your existing tone...just makes it louder. The tone knob and gain knob do allow you to make some tonal adjustments.
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the creation audio mk 4.23 is another you mite wanna consider i use the 48v version it has Alot headroom which is perfect for my tweed deluxe. it gets it much louder and reallly sounds like just more of that tone i love soo much


keep in mind the modern TMB is a katana and the crunchy is a java boost, so if you are looking for one or the other you can get em without spending the $ on the whole TMB. My favs are the Katna and the SHO. though the fatboost is pretty sweet too.


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Me and a couple of my pals compared a lot of clean boosts and in all 3 of our opinions the Keeley Katana was the clear winner in clean boost pedals. I use the clean boost in the ZVEX Box of Rock because I have one I received as a present from the wife and cant trade it away. If I was buying a new one from scratch I would go with the Katana.


I have owned both the SHO and the Sexdrive.

The SHO has more sparkle, the Sexdrive has more "presence", grit, and more versatility.

The SHO can be too bright with single coils on some setups. The Sexdrive has a tone control so you can match it to your setup.

Both great boosters.

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I find that boosters without tone controls don't work for me.

For a fat muscular boost I like the Klon.
For a more transparent but controllable boost the RC Booster-not very fashionable here anymore!


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As far as boosters of the clean variety go, I've been able to try/compare: klon, super duper 2 in 1 (2 sho's in one) and the Sex Drive. I can't pick a favourite as each one was different enough to warrant owning all three at once :) The Sex Drive was similar to the klon in the sense that you could shape the tone and add gain. The SD also had the nice compression feature, which while fairly subtle, made more of a difference when disengaged. The SD 2 in 1 is what I'm currently using the most due to the overall "sweetness" it adds to your sound. It's hard to explain, but I really dig it for that reason. It takes your base clean tone and just improves it- likewise, it improves your dirty/lead/rhythm tone very well, too.


i'm looking for a good Boost pedal also and i just found out about Dr Scientist's "the Cleanness" pedal... if i had the cash i'd but it from the emporium right now... it has a gain control, volume, highs, mid and low controls... it seems to be very versatile... can anyone else who has experience with this pedal chime in?

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