Help me select 3 gain/boost/fuzz pedals

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by evenfell, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. evenfell

    evenfell Member

    Sep 15, 2010
    Stavanger, Norway
    Hey guys
    Need some help and suggestions.

    I have bought a TC G system. It has 4 effect loops.
    I am planning to place it and the pedals in my rack.

    I am gonna need 4-6 pedals in all, that are kind of set and forget. Is it enough I dont know, but I really dont want to many pedals. 1-3 Could maybe also be put infront on a pedalboard to turn on and off as needed.

    I have the following pedals as of now, but some are doing the same or not what im after
    Boss SD1 Keeley, Boss MT2 Keeley, Colorsound overdriver clone, Boss CS3

    So, I do have Ibanez Keeley TS9DX2 , thats gonna be one of the four pedals.
    The pedals are gonna cover all kinds of music from blues/chorus 80s clean, to metal (this is covered)
    Im using a Marshall JMP1 (folkesson mod) as my amp.
    Im a big fan of less is more knobs. so max 5 knobs, possibly 1-3 which just does what you need. EQ will be set on TC G system on patch per patch basis.

    Im gonna need ( I think) the following
    - a treblebooster/powerboost/colorsound overdriver
    I have been looking at analogman beano boost.
    To boost the marshall, love treble booster for dark amps.

    - a clean booster for pristine clear clean of the clean amp, and maybe to boost other overdrive pedals if needed. So a versatile pedal.
    Have been looking at MXR micro boost and EP booster
    But this could also be placed infront i guess?

    - A versatile fuzz/overdrive pedal, better in loop or infront?
    Fuzz face, to muff perhaps ?

    - Lastly a very good compressor pedal (could be i can use the built in comp in tc g system as well)

    - Any better TS808/TS9 than Keeley boss TS9DX, im open to suggestions

    What pedals would you choose for this?
  2. Stratburst70

    Stratburst70 Member

    May 25, 2013
    - If you’re looking for a Swiss Army Knife-type boost, the TC Electronics Spark Booster is a solid choice. The Naga Viper is more limited but apparently sounds great with Marshall circuits.

    - The Keeley-modded TS-9 is one of the best out there, IMO. I have a Red Dirt and it sounds gorgeous between a Strat and a Fender amp. With Marshalls, I prefer a TS-type circuit where you can adjust the midrange, like the Green Rhino.

    - if you’re looking for a versatile OD/distortion/fuzz, the Rat and its clones are one-stop shopping. A lot of versatility there.

    I don’t know the G System that well. I tried an older floor box and it lasted less than a week, simply because the patches took too long to change. But OD/distortion tends to be the most personal sounds for players so it’s best to have those be external pedals. YMMV
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  3. jondom22

    jondom22 Supporting Member

    May 15, 2012
    Brooklyn, NY
    My picks:
    - treble booster to goose the JMP1 = analognan beano boost or another rangemaster clone
    - clean boost: RC boost is my fav for transparency + eq. Doesn’t shave off your dirt like a lot of transparent drives that ppl off recommend. If you need space, tc spark mini. If you want a lil bit of a mid hump and also small pedal (but still very transparent) Xotic super clean buffer.
    - flexible fuzz od dist: Xotic SL drive, Rat clone. Maybe a fuzz like a scarab deluxe or ramble fx twin bender (haven’t tried either). I personally like buzzaround fuzz circuits but that one’s def just a set/forget type of fuzz. Keep this in beginning of signal chain.
    - comp: diamond for transparent and low amount of compression to take peaks and even out dynamics a little (though it can get squishy), cali76 stacked edition for more aggressive but very natural and warm sound best for single notes fattening/sustaining.
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  4. crazymauler

    crazymauler Member

    Nov 27, 2007
    Gem State
    Treble booster: Analogman Beano Boost
    "clean booster for pristine clear clean": Keeley Katana or Xotic RC Booster
    "A versatile fuzz/overdrive pedal": Analogman Sunface or Maxon SD-9 (in front, not in loop)
    Compressor: Keeley Compressor Plus is great (and affordable)
  5. 12guitdown

    12guitdown Member

    Mar 11, 2008
    between Doheney & Old Man's
    I second the scarab deluxe for fuzz as it’s not picky about being first in the chain, good volume cleanup and super versatile. Watch gearmandudes YouTube video on that.
    As far as clean boosts go I’d stay away from the ep as it’ll darken your tone.
    That’s all I have. Happy hunting!
  6. sickboy79

    sickboy79 Member

    Aug 17, 2006
    Treble booster: Analogman Beano Boost or Keeley Java Boost
    Clean boost: there are so many out there. I always liked the Zvex SHO and older Fulltone Fat Boost.
    Fuzzy Drive: Skreddy Screwdriver and or Hybrid Fuzz Driver
  7. rickenbackerkid

    rickenbackerkid Member

    Jun 29, 2005
    Don't bother with a compressor pedal - the G-System compressor is very, very powerful. If I were you I'd get a couple of Hotcakes, one for boost/gentle OD, one for fuzz/disortion tones.

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