Help me set up my board / loop questions


Hey guys. I'm re-organizing my board and was hoping to get a little insight on how I should set up my loop.

This is what I've got:
Boss TU-2
Empress ParaEq
EHX Pog 2
Vox Time Machine
Plush Replay Jr.
Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper
Keeley Kantana
Keeley Phaser

The ParaEq and Pog 2 are always running. I use the ParaEq to cut out some of the lows in my Les Paul, and I keep the Pog 2 on a low "organ-styler" whine. These two are part of my general tone.

I'll be adding a reverb pedal and EHX Freeze within the week also.

Thanks in advance!

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