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help needed with FX switching


need a bit of help with how to switch some fx in and out if anybody can help..
what i want is one switch that can switch delay and a volume boost ....and another that can just switch the vol ..i would like a reverb to be on all the time and that will be on a pedal ( no reverb on the amp) also the amp has two channels and a boost ..it would be ideal if i could have one switch that would switch the amp plus one of the two options above....so basically what im trying to do is switch amp channels and having either of the 2 options above....

hope it all makes sense so far ...im confusing myself thinking about it..!

the gear i have now fx wise

delay pedal
line 6 ls2
EH signal pan
boss EQ pedal
still looking for a reverb pedal

line 6 M13....dont know if i can do all this with the M13 ?

so basically i dont want to be jumping on pedals ...i just need one or two switches that will bring in what i want

if i managed to keep you intrested and have any advice on this i would really appreciate it ..

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