help on effect chain and pedal recommendation


Hi, I came all the way from owning few joyo pedals to:

Pedal train 3 with Decibel hot stone deluxe power supply

TC Nova Repeater, Joyo Analog Pedal

Joyo Chorus

Timmy, Signa Drive, Little Green Wonder

Signa Comp

Ernie Ball Jr, VOX 847 Wah

Korg Pitchlback

Wet Stereo Reverb

So now my question is the recommended order of the pedal. Is this one ok?

Guiter > Tuners > Ernie Volume > Vox Wah > Signa Compressor > Timmy > LGW > Signa Drive > Chorus > Analog Delay > Nova Repeater > Wet Stereo Reverb > Amp

Is this ok? or should I change something?

And I''m thinking of getting RC Booster to put at the end, so it's an always on pedal to boost the sound, is it a good idea? or should i just stick with timmy?

thank you


I think that sounds about right, according to how they're grouped out. I have a PT junior but I don't like my wah on my pedalboard so I run my tuner after my wah or volume pedal. This actually works really well because I can keep the wah closer to me on stage and depending on the set, I don't even have to run through it if I don't want.

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