Help!! p bass neck id 70's ?



Hello- I have a bass that our band bought a few years ago from a guy we knew from another band. The body is pretty rough and it is a cobbled up affair but the neck sure seems like it is a genuine fender neck. It is maple with the skink stripe. 1-5/8 in width at the nut. Has black plastic fret markers(not clay) and a thick finish on the neck. It has no markings of any kind on the neck but it does have a brass nut and HUGE unmarked tuners. After looking at all the p bass pictures that i can find it sure looks like a 70's fender neck to me. I remember talking to the guy we got the bass from years ago and he mentioned something about getting the neck from an older bass and that he pretty much threw this bass together with the parts he had laying around. LIke i said the body is some POS but the front pickup looks like a fender. It does have a brass bridge with the #'s 2536 on it if that helps. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks much Randy

John Phillips

What is the truss-rod nut like? If it's a cross-slot, it may be a Fender - if it's an Allen (hex) socket, it isn't. You could try taking it out and checking the thread (US vs. Metric) too, which might give some idea.

If it's old (pre-mid 80s) it's either a real Fender, a 'parts company' - Schecter, Mighty Mite, etc - product, or a far-east copy.


the truss rod is a cross. It is not an allen. It has to be either a fender or one good copy of one. Did fender ever have p bass necks with a brass nut? I want to say thanks for the replies as i am getting closer to figuring out what maker this is. I guess the $90.00 for the whole bass is worth it!!!

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