HELP! Question re: T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior


I'm having a new pedalboard made for me and the goal is to keep it small.

I am considering getting a T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior to use as the power supply, with the four main reasons being:
1.) It's size
2.) It's a perfectly flat box, so something could be stacked on top of it
3.) The layout/configuration of the DC outputs and AC input works perfectly for my planned pedalboard layout.
4.) All outlets are isolated, which I need as some pedals will run in front of my amp, and others will be through the loop. Having isolated outlets will ensure there's no hum.

So, here's the question.....

I'm planning on stacking a tuner (TC Polytune) on top of the Fuel Tank Junior. My guitar will be plugged into the tuner, which will then output to the remainder of the pedalboard. Does anybody have any experience stacking pedals directly on top of the Fuel Tank Junior? If so, does it throw off electrical noise interference?



FWIW, I had three before I just got a PP2+.... (Bought first one new and had to take it back twice) :rolleyes:

I'm not sure about your pedal placement question, but I was VERY unhappy with the quality of the power source.

I would go for another brand or just get a PP2+... (IMHO)


I have not stacked on it but have found it an excellent and quiet power source, the only thing it lacks like most is an on/off, you have to disconnect the power. I have not tried a PP source to compare..........

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