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Help setting up effects unit


I'm trying to play through an amp using an effects processor and a guitar seemed simple enough to me but my god. I just picked up a Tc electronic m one xl and have no idea how to set this up. The unit only has midi ins outs thrus, and xlr left and right ins and outputs. I have no experience with electric guitars so I have truly no knowledge of almost anything. So I assume I need to buy an xlr to 1/4 adapter? Two of them? I don't have an effects loop in my amp or separate I know it's going to sound really ****** without one but is it necessary? Can someone please explain the basic chain of what's going on here. Guitar to 1/4 chord to the adapter to the back of the effects unit xlr in or whatever way is correct but the one thing to next to next is really what im looking for as this **** is very confusing for a beginner.


You need to take that unit back and get a unit that is guitar friendly. That unit is for sound reinforcement with mixer/pa setup.

Are you using a guitar amp? Does that amp have a effects loop? There are plenty of racks out there that have the proper 1/4" inputs/outputs for hooking up to guitar amps effects loop.

There is huge difference in pro line level processors like that and what most guitar amps will handle.


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The M1 XL looks like it's for vocal/studio use, not guitar. Like mentioned above, you should get the right tool for the job. Buy a processor designed for guitar.

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