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Help - should I buy an SG with a repaired headstock?


I saw a used SG at a music store today for $900 (I'm Canadian, by the way so that influences the prices somewhat compared to the US). They tend to be about $1800 (new) in this area. Anyway, I noticed that a line at the back of the neck past the nut. I was told that the guitar fell over, the headstock snapped and it was repaired.

So...is a repaired neck as strong (the sales guy told me that the glue was stronger than the wood) or should I run? I'm used to bulletproof Teles & Strats that can almost withstand a nuclear blast but love the sound/feel of SGs. Call me crazy but I'd like the peace of mind that it won't come apart on stage. I can't afford a new one right now so that isn't an option.

Thanks for your help!

Lawn Jockey

If it was repaired right, with a dowel, it'll likely be stronger repaired than it was originally. $900.00 is high for an SG with a headstock repair though IMHO.


glued neck instruments can be fantastic players. My favorite guitar in the world, which still plays better than all others for me is a V that I have broken it's neck off twice.
As such, if it plays well for you, it's a great way to score a bargain player.
on the other hand, it will be hard to sell. As you see from above, it already has knocked 50% of it's selling price and the wags will still tut about how that is expensive. For someone wanting a collectable item with resale value, a neck break will always kill resale on anything that is not super rare (and even then it knocks price down considerably)

If you love the way it plays, and have no intention of selling it, I'd say go for it.

I have also heard that a glued neck joint will be stronger than the wood was before the break and reset. Does it matter? if you don't drop the guitar again, it won't break, so no.


Silver Supporting Member
Will the shop let you take the guitar to luthier you trust, or do that have a return policy such that you can take it to someone?

If the repair checks out as solid, negotiate! Maybe you can save one or two hundred, especially if the guitar has sat around for a while.


If repaired correctly it will be fine but you have to be aware of heat and abuse, depending on the type of break and repair.

The Captain

Senior Member
I've snapped the headstock off my old acoustic twice, and just glued it back on with epoxy, no dowel. The second time, it snapped next to the original repair, not through it, so I agree, a repair can be stronger than the wood. Last time was in 1984, and it's still OK.
The price needs to be right for you to buy this though, I'm thinking even for Canada, $900 might be too high.
New faded cherry SG can be had for $600 at GC San Fran. Others here will have a better handle on prices than me, I'm in Oz.


If it's been doweled and glued then there's absolutely nothing to worry about. It would still definately be worth asking the store if they'd accept a return if the repair developed a fault in the immediate future though.


What type of SG? If it is a '61 RI then it would be worth it. If it is a standard, then no. I know that around Toronto a used standard can be had for a grand, maybe even $900 if wait and bargain a bit. A headstock repair should knock at least $200 off the price, even if it is stronger after the repair.

On the Guitars Canada forum it has been noted that guitar prices have been inflated on the east coast too. One person noted that some store was selling a standard at close to the same price as a '61 RI in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

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