HELP! Soldered Cables Make Crackling Noise When Moved & Other Issues


My soldered pancake jack cables are acting up lately. They are Canare GS-4 cables with unlabelled pancake jacks. I use four of them & 2 more Dimarzio cables to connect all the pedals on my board. Once, my entire signal was lost during a sunday morning set & I hurried to find the problem. Power supply was fine & I wiggled one of those soldered cables & my signal went through again. Today, I just plugged in at home & started to play & a new problem... A consistent crackling noise to every chord I played was audible from the amp, checked the cables again & the noise was gone. But now moving the cables made crackling noises too especially when I move them in the jacks of my pedals. However, the Dimarzio cables are quiet when I move them.

Btw I didnt solder them myself, I bought these from a music store some years ago & they did a really clean job inside while the cables & jacks looks high quality to me. I opened them up a while ago to check & they seem fine. Nicely stripped cables connected by clean shiny, undisturbed solder joints. I'm also suspecting my power supply now. I use a 1Spot powering 5 pedals via a MOEN brand daisy chain.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong here? Thanks guys.


It's your pancake jacks. Mine did the same thing.

Buy Switchcraft 228's and resolder and you'll be fine. I had the exact same problem, and redid all mine and it was well with the price. Haven't had one fail on me in 6 months now.

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