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Help to identify/date this TS-808


Hello folks,

I have an old TS-808 that will be leaving the fold soon, but I don't know that much about it. The markings on the board mean very little to me, and the sticker on the back plate (that would have had the serial number...!) is long gone. Here are some pictures:





Please help to identify what this is, when made, etc. Is there some sort of serial number or something that would still be there even though the backplate sticker is gone?

Any help is appreciated, many thanks.
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Mr. Kite

Silver Supporting Member
Can't the chip be dated? What are all the numbers on the chip?

Looks like a 1981.

Mr. Kite

Silver Supporting Member
From the Analogman tube screamer history page.
  1. 111179 (R) jRC4558D 1980, from SRV/Cesar Diaz, nut on power jack
  2. 111642 (R) JRC4558D 1980 nut on power jack
  3. 112198 (R) JRC4558D 1980, nut on power jack 2SK121 FETS
  4. 112862 (R) RC4558P Malaysia 1980/31st week, nut on power jack
  5. 116118 (R) RC4558P Malaysia, nut on power jack
  6. 120229 (R)
  7. 120274 (R) RC4558P 1980/35th week, power jack nut
  8. 120407 (R)
  9. 122858 (R)
  10. 126469 (R) RC4558P
  11. 126648 (R)
  12. 127460 (R) JRC4558D 1980 chip
  13. 131544 (R) RC4558P Malaysia 1980/40th week, no power jack nut
  14. 131542 (?) no power jack nut, 2SK44
  15. 131630 (R) RC4558P malaysia chip 1980/35th week, 2SK44
  16. 131661 (R)
  17. 139290 (R) no nut on power jack, JRC4558D 0727 chip made in 1980
  18. 139329 (R)
  19. 139659 no nut on jack, Texas inst Malaysia chip
  20. 139767 TI RC4558P
  21. 144650 TL4558P 1981?
  22. 144990 no (R)
  23. 146264 (R) is OD-855 in TS808 shell
  24. 151870 (R) (orig#?) 1981 JRC4558D
  25. 152048 (R)
  26. 153125 no (R)
  27. 154114 no (R) JRC4558D
  28. 157788 no (R)
  29. 158135 (R)'81 JRC4558D
  30. 162972 JRC4558D killer tone
  31. 163311 no (R) JRC4558D, 1981 chip
  32. 164337 no (R) JRC4558D, no power jack nut, 1981 chip and caps
  33. 170002 no (R) '81 JRC4558D chip, no power jack nut
  34. 175729 no (R) JRC4558D chip, no power jack nut
  35. 177390 no (R) '81 JRC4558D, no power jack nut
  36. 178490 no (R)
  37. 181298 no (R) or nut, 1981 JRC4558D 1444 2SK44 FETS
  38. 197833 - Early TS9 from 1981.

I guess the lack of an (R) kinda puts it in the '81 realm don't you think? I don't know how to date it with the code but someone here does for sure.


Platinum Supporting Member
The chip is a 1981 chip (1223 the 1=1981), the blue electro caps will have date codes too but I can't see them in the picture.


I'd think that's 1984. That doesn't mean the pedal is exactly that year, but if the op-amp hasn't been replaced, it can't be any older than that.



I think they only made that pedal from 79 to 81
then they started the GE-9, that looks like a TS-9, instead of a TS-808


Senior Member
Wow.......lots of cool info here. So since mine has an "R" in the Logo:

That means it was around the first batch in the 70's?


Old topic but I want to ask anyway.
I got a vintage 808 with JRC4558D (0197 code on it) chip, blue electro caps (8024 codes on them), (R) logo and a power jack nut. However it has a serial number around 178xxxs. The serial and the specs does not fit with each other as it is written above. Can it be a rarity or the serial numbers are just not good for dating?

Any comment would be highly appreciated.

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