Help wanted - '62 Fender Duo Sonic


Hi all

I'm renovating this '62 Duo Sonic. Had it all apart and it's cleaned up real nice. Just got a couple of questions on the wiring.

It seems to have had a modification at some point of an additional 2-way switch added. When this switch is in the off position, the three-way pup selector works as normal. When in the on position, the three-way seems to be disabled and it has a one-off "middle" type tone, which differs from the neck+bridge selection on the three-way. Can anyone shed any light on what the mod is for?

I also have a bit of an earthing hum which disappears when i touch any of the electrical components. Getting some high ohm readings (c. 193) across some of the connections. Anyone have a real step by step check guide?

Some pics attached, which may assist?

Thanks in advance


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