Help!! What SCSI for Akai DPS 12i recorder?

Sean French

I have an Akai DPS 12i I bought many years ago.
In a move the SCSI drive I used to burn CD's was lost.
I don't remember the brand or model.
All I know is that not all drives will work with my recorder.
What SCSI is combatible and really good?


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I've got the DPS16 and use a Plextor 12/10/32S with mine which works flawlessly. Before that I had a Ricoh MP7060S which worked great until it died. The Plextor stuff is really the best though.

I still have the DPS16 SCSI checklist if you want any other suggestions. Also, there's a DPS forum here;

I don't see any mention of the DPS12 but you might be able to get some info if you do some digging.


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OK, this is the DPS16 SCSI device list dated 9/27/00!

Ricoh MP7060S
Yamaha CRW824S
Plextor PX-W8220T
Plextor PX-W124Tse
Sanyo CDR-BP3
Quantum Fireball CX10
Quantum Fireball LB10000A
Western Digital Caviar WD102AA
Quantum LB20400A
Quantum GTLALM15A011
IBM Deskstar DTLA-305020
Maxtor 52049H3

This is only the stuff they had tried that tested successfully. I think in general all of the Plextor, Ricoh, Maxtor and Yamaha drives should be safe (Sony too most likely).

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