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A few months ago I purchased a BBE Acoustimax since I was playing more acoustic gigs and I wanted to try and get a better sound. I finally got a chance to fiddle with it and I really like the tone I was able to get out of my Taylor T5 direct into the PA. The difference is subtle, but I thought it made the guitar sound more lively and acoustic, as it should. My question is related to the effects loop and adding effects.

For a time I was using my electric pedal board with poor results, and I was relying on effects. My playing and confidence have improved to the point where I simply plugged in and played and sounded good. Now, I simply want to add a delay (MXR or a Boss RV-5), possibly a chorus and my volume pedal.

How do I run this through the effects loop on the Acoustimax? Or should I? This is my first experience with effects loops.

Hi there, yes it's best to use the effect loop. The BBE's preamp is really nice, and it sounds it's best when you plug directly into it. Also using an FX loop can help to keep noise to a minimum.

What you need is an 'insert' cable. This cable has a stereo jack at one end, and two mono at the other end. You can buy them from any music store, or if you can solder you can make up your own.

Here's my board, the Boss DD-3 and L6 Verbzilla are in the BBE FX loop. I also have another korg tuner on there now for acoustic.



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I still could not get my Deluxe Memory Boy to work with my BBE. I tried everything, maybe that "input" cable that I don't have is a reason why it's not working. Not sure. Have a better pic of your set up?
Hey group,
Need some advice. I'm using a fender twin for my electric and acoustic. I A/B my electric and acoustic with my acoustic first going into the BBE. I have the amp settings for my electric but have been trying to dial in my BBE eq for my acoustic.

The amp is currently (treb 6, mid 4-3, bass 3, reverb 10, bright off).

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