Help with board layout, please.

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    Jan 7, 2014
    I need some help from all of you pedal board layout guru's. I have an RJM PBC coming tomorrow afternoon and need to rearrange my board quite a bit to make it fit. I also have Lava cables coming to cable it all up, which should save quite a bit of space vs. my current Mogami patch cables. I'm also a little OCD and want the finished board to be nice and neat in appearance.

    My board is 16" deep by 28" wide. I've scaled all of the effects in the picture below to be the correct size in relation to the pedal board dimensions. Does this look like it will work? The cables coming out of the PBC will be the Lava straight connectors due to the tightness of the loop inserts to one another. The other ends (pedal ends) will all be right angle connectors. I have a Temple Audio board with the same dimensions on the way, which should let me compact things a little more too. My biggest concern at the moment are the midi cables from the PBC to the TF, Space and H9. I only have one right-angle midi cable currently, but will be ordering a couple more. I think I've left plenty of space for the Lava connectors.

    I would really appreciate any tips, tricks, or suggestions to make this work and be as neat and clean as possible.



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