Help with Catalinbread SFT + fuzz

Hey Everyone,

First post here after a long while of lurking. I've learned a ton and have done numerous searches on this topic but only found a very brief discussion on it.

I've got a Catalinbread SFT, which I feel is absolutely righteous on its own. The responsiveness to picking dynamics is pretty fantastic and I'm totally diggin' it when I use it by itself or boosted with something (I've got one of those Joyo Ultimate Drives that does a good job with this). I use it with a tele and a Schecter Tempest, both of which sound really good through it.

Here's the problem: as soon as I stack it with fuzz, I fall out of love with it. I've currently got a Hoof and I used to run a Swollen Pickle, and both react pretty poorly with the SFT. It turns to total mud and the fuzziness disappears. I've tried swapping the order, using both of my guitars, running it through both of my amps (a Bogner Alchemist and a Blackstar HT-1R), all to no avail.

Due to my housing circumstances, I can't crank my Bogner much to really hear what it sounds like through an amp that's workin' it, but I can crank the Blackstar decently and it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Is this just the way the SFT is? Have I been picking the wrong fuzzes to pair with it? I'd really like to leave the SFT on all the time but if I can't get it to play nice with fuzz, I'll have to tap dance around a little more.

Any insight/suggestion is welcome. Thanks!


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If it don't stack nice, then don't stack it. To avoid tap dancing get a looper pedal (like the ones LoopMaster makes).

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