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Hey experts...

I watched a bunch of vids on the DPC-5 and configurations, etc... So I have a decent grasp on most of it. I set up tb loops, and then in my first bank, I configured 5 presets (Button 1 - Button 5).

I later got a midi cable, connected my Mobius and then without telling it to, preset B1 on Disaster utilizes my 00a Mobius preset. Then preset B2 on Disaster had 00b Mobius and so on.

I'm assuming that's the 1-15 thing it discusses in manual? Why were those effects auto routed to those spots? How do I turn them off?

Also, Can I not access the 16th spot on my Mobius preset? Can someone also explain the below 00 spot as a bypass?

Please help
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Do you have the settings correct on the Mobius?
Do you have the latest firmware?
Do you have the manual for the latest firmware? (Rev 115C is the most current.)

You'll need to enter midi mode (white) and send the preset changes you'd like to the Mobius from the DPC-5, then save it to the preset you want on the DPC-5.

If you haven't yet, email Matthew from Disaster Area. He's very helpful. I know he's super busy these days as he's working on some new products, but he'll get back to you.


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Yes to all 3.

Enter white mode from midi mode from the B6 button?

The mobius stuff is already saved those presets.

Ie... Thr R of rgb is the bank. All 5 buttons correspond with the first 5 mobius presets. How do I turn them off?

And can I save something past the 15th Mobius preset in a DPC preset folder? Like R is bank with yellow LEd?

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