Help with Looper/Switcher box


I'm looking for a small looper/switcher box. Would prefer to buy, not build. One way it could work would be:

A, B, C switches. When I tap A, B & C go off. When I tap B, A & C go off, when I tap C, A & B go off...


A, B. When I tap A, it's on. When I tap A again, it goes off. Same with B. Also, when A is on and I tap B, it switches to B, and vice versa.

What is this box called? Thanks!
Seems to me to be the Boss LS-2 Line Selector. I've had mine for years and does about the same things as you mentioned. You can download the Owner's Manual for free from Boss US website to look up all of it's features. What is really nice is that you can set signal level for each loop to make them blend seamlessly during a song. It is really two loops and bypass, but I have delay and verb on the bypass, so that you can almost call it three loops, because there is a three stomp mode with a stomp for each of the three paths. You can have loop A into B as a one stomp selection too.

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