Help with my pedal Chain...


So here's what I have so far... as far as chain is concerned, need some help. My board isn't complete yet... but it's close...

Pedals in chain order.

1. CAE MC404 Wah
2. Polytune
3. Suhr Riot
4. OCD v4
5. Signa Drive
6. Eternity Burst Coupon
7. EB Volume Jr.
8. TC Nova Repeater
9. Fulltone Fatboost v3
10. BBE Sonic Stomp

As far as capitalizing what I have... what you guys suggest for order of pedals and stuff.

Next pedals that will be joining the board:

1. ISP Decimator
2. Reverb (not sure which yet)
3. Chorus (not sure which yet)

Thanks guys!


Ahh, my bad I didn't notice that in your signature.

The reason I was asking is because I noticed you have a Decimator on your wishlist. Isn't this a noise reduction pedal? I'm looking at your setup and considering that you are running into a very clean amp, I can't imagine why you would need a noise reduction pedal.

If you are experiencing a lot of noise or hum, I've got to wonder how you are powering everything. To me the pedal is trying to hide the problem. I'd fix the problem.


I need a good power source... i use a Vspot right now... terrible I know... just can't bring myself to spend $170 on a power source.

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