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Help with noise gates


Hi everyone. I have never owned a noise gate pedal as I have been playing live either with a small selection of pedals with minimal noise or a multifx unit with built in gate. My gainy amps are relatively quiet for what they are. I am now building a more expansive pedalboard for home and occassional gigs and TBH I don't know where to start.

Likely I won't be buying top shelf gear but also not cheap. Maybe $150US? What pedals should I be looking at, what should I consider in terms of affecting tone and dynamics and should I place it very last in chain? I don't play much death metal stop start type stuff so I don't need it to be a killswitch of sorts. I am also open to micro pedals to save room.



Boss NS-2. Great bang-for-the-buck and it won’t suck tone.

Guitar > NS-2 > modulation pedals > amp. Use the send/return loop for your noisy pedals.

Can be used as a mute switch and you can power other effects with it.

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