Help with Strat Pickup


If you can't measure them (usually the weakest goes in the neck position, and the strongest in the bridge position, perhaps comparing the cable lengths can help, assuming they have been shortened to their appropriate position. So longest wires = neck. shortest wires = bridge.

Having said this, I personally prefer the weakest one in the middle, for a brighter #2 and #4 position.


Thanks for the info. I just measure the resitance. The one with the read wire was right at 6k ohms. the one with the blue wire was 5.8k ohms.. So sounds like the red wired one can be bridge/neck and the blue the middle. Also you can see the blue and red wire are swaped on the two pickups. I gues that would indicate the polarity is swapped on them .. Is that a correct assumption?


Partnered with the wiring diagram, the wire color should be able to tell you. You would need the correct diagram of coure, for which you can contact the maker.

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