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Help with Visual Sound Liquid Chorus settings


I just got a Liquid Chorus - and not having much experience with chorus I am frustrated with the total absence of information provided with it on the function of the 4 controls and how they are meant to be used and interact with each other. Of the sample settings the only one I like is the "subtle phasing chorus".

So you experienced users I would love to hear how you typically set it for what type of desired effect. Also any info on how the width/delay time/depth controls are meant to be used would be appreciated.

thanks - jeff


depth gives it a more lush sound- kindof an underwater vibe with how much you increase it (turning it right)
width is how much the signal 'bounces' back and forth (for lack of a better word)
delay time is how long it takes the effected signal to start after the note has been struck (chorus is essentially splitting the signal, detuning one of them, then playing both together)...

really the best thing to do to learn how it works IMHO is put every knob at 12 o'clock, straight up, then adjust one knob at a time, all the way left, then all the way right and listen to how it effects the sound as you play.

Hope this helps!!

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