Helping a fellow TGP'er in need. Read if you want be awed!


Hello everyone! This is my personal testimony for the golden proverb: "treat others as you would like to be treated yourself".

I would like to state first and foremost that this actually regards a pedal. Secondly, I am in my last year of college, which basically makes me a broke college student and a starving musician. I've been saving my change since the summer, so in December, I decided to get myself a Christmas present. What better way for a musician to do that than to upgrade his gear? I couldn't decide what to get, so I decided to start at the beginning of my pedal chain. I did a little research and decided to look at the JHS Pulp-n-Peel (cause it has a buffer in the pedal! oh yeah!) To my luck, it was the pedal of the month in December and it was discounted!

So I ordered the pedal and waited for it. Right before New Year's day, I got into a car accident (someone hit me) and I stopped checking my USPS and email. I had to make sure that everything was back in order before I start school. After I got everything settled with the accident, I checked my USPS email again and the tracking said that it has already been delivered! I was shocked! I did not see a package and my roommate didn't see anything either. So I called USPS and they said the couldn't do anything. I called JHS and they said that they couldn't do anything. I called paypal and they said both parties did everything right and I have to assume that someone just took it off my porch.

To clarify, I live in a pretty good neighborhood. My roommate gets lots of packages for his car and nothing has been missing. I've ordered textbooks online and I've never gotten anything missing. So the idea that someone can just steal something off my front porch caught me off guard. I couldn't believe that there are people in this world that can take something from someone and not have any sympathy for the other person. I was so frustrated that I vented on TGP.

To my surprise, a handful of people read my post and left lots of comments. One TGP'er felt so bad that he offered to give me a brand new compression pedal! He said that he has been lucky lately and would like to pay it forward! So out of the kindness of his own heart, he gave a complete stranger a brand new pedal. This completely restored my faith that there are more good in people than bad. Thank you turtleheadblues for helping me when I'm down. I urge everyone to pass it on! It doesn't have to be pedals or music gear! Help someone, anyone, who needs help. Pass on the good!


"Pay it forward" is the best way you can thank him. Its not what you take out of the pot, it is what you put in. One day your opportunity will come. Stop and take the time to help someone when you can. Doesn't have to be tit for tat. If more people were to take this approach the world would be a nicer place to live in. It took me a long time to learn this, my "pot" was empty for a long time.

I am glad to read your post, things like this restore my faith in humanity. I live outside of DC and sometimes I swear that world is going to hell in a hand-basket. Then I see something like this and it makes me smile.


That's awesome!

I can't help but wonder what the hell the toolbag who thieved you would do with that pedal. They're probably still trying to figure out what it does. Glad your story had a happy ending :)


Great story. In this world you have to do as your heart tells you, i love pay it forward, it is its own reward.


Good story

Although you should know that JHS did have some shipping problems I believe right around the time you ordered your pedal. USPS was listing the pedals as delivered and was just re-routing them or something along those lines.


As a poor college student as well, I'm going to be honest and say it's hard to be willing to pay it forward at this point in time when your bank account is almost always near empty, but I've definitely gotten my own fair share of unwarranted blessings from fellow TGP members. Thankful for that, so with the little I have, I try to "pay it forward" as well.


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I'm sorry, what does this have to do with the new Klon?

KIDDING! That is very cool; props to THB for the generosity and the OP for sharing the story.


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The more I hear about JHS....

Hey, let's not take an awesome story and turn it into a JHS hate-fest, please! There are plenty of threads for that, you can go re-read them if you please.

To the OP's post:

Way to go TGP! It makes me glad that there are people on this forum with big hearts for people! Congrats to the OP, and thanks to the generous forumite.

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