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Here's the best guitar description I've ever read.

Dr. Tinnitus

Turns out, the greatest guitar ever made is a Yamaha.

"Acoustic music, pure, devoid of programs and filters, opens space and time. The guitar, as a means of cognizing music, possessing design, gives a pure quality, draws to the very essence of the acoustic world. This peace, embedded in the 431 FG series, is able to enrich the spiritual life of the wearer. The sound of the guitar helps the musician to concentrate and meditate regardless of thought. The sound captivates the ear, low tones transform the formless space into a triumph of music over the density of matter, high frequencies, in turn, give clear lines and light that affects every "atom" of a human being. Vivid emotions and harmony from the game, one of the best in terms of price / sound ratio."


Tony Done

I like it. :) I can more easily visualise a Russian writing something like that than, say, an American or an Australian.

Coincidentally, my son-in-law has just bought an old ('75) FG-451, mostly on my advice.


Silver Supporting Member
That reminds me of the legendary Stan Jay of Mandolin Bros, sadly no longer with us - for many years provided us with the best online descriptions in the business!

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