Hey Digitech, holy cow did you knock it out of the park with the Trio+

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I just got one and like it. I haven't gotten that deep into it yet but some initial opinions:

Pros: great tool for practice, inspiration, song writing etc
the sound quality exceeded my expectation
seems well-built
decent size
fairly to easy to use after getting the hang of it
Cons: expandable SD card but still limited to saving only 12 songs on the unit
non-true bypass (but I haven't detected it messing with my signal)
800ma power requirement
incapability to upload via USB


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Explain please if you will, elaborate. I'm interested want pros vs cons

It's a very intuitive band in the box that goes in between your guitar and amp, so there's no real programming to be done. You teach it a progression by playing into it and it will compose drum and bass parts that you can vary by style and time feel. It also has a looper that you can layer over the top. It goes much deeper than that but tbh I only use it for practicing improvising for now. Easily tied for the best ~$300 gear purchase I've ever made, along with my Kingsley Minstrel.

Cons are that you will get some digital artifacts when it's on and in bypass it sucks tone-- i put it in a 1 channel TB loop.

here's a clip:

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