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Hey hey!


Greetings, TGP! I've been lurking for awhile but finally decided start posting. My degrees are in saxophone performance, but I've been playing in punk/indie bands on and off for a long time. Here's the current stable:

Obviously, I have a bit of an offset addiction. Sorry for the crappy pics. I keep spending my new camera money on gear projects. Along with my offset addiction, I have quite a few pedal building projects under my belt. Everything on my current board, except for the tuner, was handbuilt by me (either clones or original circuits by DIYers):

Right to left: Turbo Tuner, Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe, Klon Centaur, one side of an Analogman King of Tone, Lovepedal Les Lius, Madbean's Cave Dweller Delay, culturejam's Shoot the Moon Tremolo, and a Zvex SHO w/ Klon buffer (on an on/off switch).

Anywho, looking forward to hangin' out a bit on TGP!

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