Hey, newbie here!


My name is Brett (feel free to call me that). I've been playing for about 4 years. I'm Les Paul's and marshalls all the way kind of guy
I really love Joe Bonamassa sound and he has some of the best and freshest playing in years. In my opinion he is probably the best blues/rock guitar player in 30 years. He has had a huge influence on my playing and phrasing. I would really really love to see him at a concert some day.
as for some of my favorite artists. I'm a big blues fan. Joe B is my favorite at the moment. I also love Eric Clapton, BB King, David Gilmour, Eric Johnson (also a big influence) and Santana. I"m also a HUGE fan of 70s rock. Boston, Styx, and old REO to name a few (only OLD REO after 81 they were worthless. especially without Richrath imo)

but yeah. long ramble sorry.
Thanks for letting me be here.
Hi Brett,


I agree with you that J.B. is an amazing guitar player. In fact I agree with you that all the guuitarists you mentioned are exceptional.

And E.C. is still GOD!


Geoff Moore
Fervor Pickups


Welcome, like I've been around long only 6 posts. But I agree Boston Rocks! The band and the city! A few years ago when I lived there I got the chance to go to Barry Goudreau's B-Day party at the Hard Rock. Sibby, Johnny A, James Montgomery and many others were there that night. They did a Boston set which is something they normally don't do (Some bad blood there). That was an awesome night!


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