Hey RP1000 guys...


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I just picked up a used RP1000 to replace my aging GNX3000.
The GNX was cool but the RP is simply a better sounding rig and much easier to dial in.
I use it FRFR for small gigs and practice. I have a GSP1101 rig for the bigger stuff.

What I was wanting to know is if there is any way to send a fixed level through the XLR's while still having the master control my stage volume.
With the GSP and the GNX there are separate controls for the XLR and the 1/4" outs. It's nice sending a solid level to the FOH and still being able to futz with my stage volume without it affecting the mains.
It doesn't look like it's possible on the RP but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Just to add the RP does sound great. The only thing that keeps it back is not being able to load cabinet IR's. The RP cabs (and the GSP cabs) are the weak spot. Using Redwirez with the GSP really took it up a few levels. For my money, it puts it ahead of all other modelers other than the Axe FX (and the KPA I suppose).
If Stan could have implemented a user cab feature in the RP's it would have been awesome.

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