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Hey there from the Monterey peninsula, CA!


:RoCkInHey everyone - new member, had soooo much trouble just getting the registration, feels like I've been here a while already! Prowling around, unable to post anything...
I've been playing guitar nearly 50 years, started by a plastic "roy rogers" emenee guitar that my grandpa gave me for my 7th birthday...made my living as a singer/songwriter for about 30 yrs before caddieing at an exclusive private golf course in Pebble Beach for the last 8 years. Don't I wish that I'd saved a few guitars and amps thru the years!:jo

Currently, I have two acoustic guitars, both made by Mark Angus, a small custom luthier who now is at the guitar shoppe in Laguna Beach, CA. Both are the same shape - pretty close to a guild f-40 shape - I played dreadnoughts for years and wanted a less boomy, more mid-rangey tone.

The 6 string is maple sides and back, nothing too fancy, hard rock with a little figuring, book-matched. Black Forest German spruce top, phillipino (?) mahogany neck, rosewood caps on the headstock, rosewood binding on the body, maple binding on the neck. I found Mark through a friend when I was looking to replace a '72 d-35 Martin (which was a thorough dog!) - I also checked out some guitars by a guy named Taylor (who was just starting biz in Lemon Grove, CA at the time), but I liked Mark's guitars better...so, in march of 1979 I took posession of #35 and he's been a real buddy for all these years...

The 12 string was purchased 4 years later; to this day it is the only 12 string that Angus has made. Indian rosewood sides and back, same black forest spruce top and mahogany neck. Maple binding on the rosewood/mini gotoh tuners, #58.

Both instruments are very clean, no extravagant inlays or flash, just the best sounding ones I could find. Both have fishman under saddle active pup's and I stick an sm-57 in the soundhole for breath and string noise when performing either solo or in small groups; always wrestled with getting a really good acoustic sound w/o spending a fortune on each guitar - hoping to figure out alternatives from you all who may know something better! They both sound very good amplified tho' - I get a lot of "wow! what kind of system do you use for the 12 string?"!

Electric guitars are:
a 1963 (or '67, the factory said they lost the lists in a fire!), perfectly stock, near mint Gibson ES-175, kind of muted sunburst...really a sweet old box with one of the legendary fast old gibson necks, wonderful jazz tones...it is strung very heavy, .013's I think, flat wound - like cables!

Gibson 1974 ES-345, walnut, and pretty much a 335 now...had it neutered in the 70's, swapped the trapeze bridge for a post, then for solid brass post bridge and nut (remember starz guitars in the 80's?), and the dear thing still wouldn't stay in tune...finally had a wonderful craftsman install a kahler tremelo w/ locking nut and that did the trick; however, it broached any semblance to a "stock" guitar! Took out the 6 pos. switch (and the wad of capacitors on it!), pulled the stock pups and replaced them w/ seymour duncan's - a paf '58 in the fingerboard position and a jeff beck on the bridge, both with coil taps so I could approximate a 'strat' sound...oh yeah - a bypass switch where the old 6 pos rotary switch was; it feeds the signal straight to the amp, bypassing tone and vol controls. I have a very accurate right hand, so I took off the floating pickguard for a different look, very clean! I'm fortunate to have Mr. Rick McKee do the work on my instruments; his fret work and set-up is impeccable...a couple years ago, I switched to .011's, and really like the thicker string tone. For years I carried around all the old parts, but I'm afraid they've gone away by now...sigh...

The newest kid on the block is a Taylor T-5...a red edgeburst maple top standard. I really like this guitar, more and more as I play it. The 'bolt-on' neck concept, which seems so repugnant to the acoustic 'purist' in me makes perfect sense for an electric guitar, and I have to say that this guitar has the most accurate neck I've ever played; all my guitars play very well, but the neck on the T-5 is something else! I love how light it is - 5#s! - and the unplugged tonal balance. At first, I kept trying to get it to sound like a gibson or a fender; it makes some of those sounds very well, along with a tone strangely reminiscent of an old gretsch I used to own - but it wasn't until I just got into playing the thing that I began to appreciate all the neat sounds it makes. Seems there's some unspoken 'anti-taylor' juju on this site, but I'm telling you - this guitar is really a good instrument! I had to pitch a fit to have it set up the way I wanted it, then had to have Taylor put in a different fingerboard pickup that covered the high 'e' string better, but I am really happy with it now...

My amplifiers are a '74 Deluxe Reverb (got it on e-bay several years ago and it arrived without any "frankenstein-ing" inside, even had original [still good] rca tubes in it!) and a early 80's yamaha solid state GL-10012. I've got a volume pedal and a crybaby wah, but after years of messing around with distortion, etc etc pedals and such, I currently have nothing of the sort! A good tone is the thing I want to hear... funny thing, the Taylor sounds better to me thru the solid state amp than the old tube fender; I think it's because of the electronics being so very clean.

:horseGood lord what a long tome of a post! Hope you gained more than enough insight into my guitar world - I look forward to chatting with a bunch of you! See you around!


Welcome Doctor!
Glad to see that you've overcome the technical obstacles getting here.
We'll have to go chase the pill soon!



Monterey Peninsula is indeed one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I was kayaking in September in Pacific Grove, surrounded by harbor seals, bliss.



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Yo Jseth ...

My brother Vince Lucido caddies at Cypress Point (ya might know him)

From what you say about your equipment .. you'd hate mine..
Your right & left hand index fingers would instantly join together in the sigh of the cross .. (LOL)

Welcome, from somewho also lives in Monterey ...

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