HH electronic 4x12 cab question


Hello all!
I have the opportunity to buy a 4x12 cabinet from HH Electronic. Problem is I know nothing about this company and cab, and due to distance I wont be able to try the cab before buying it. According to the seller the cab is handmade in Cambrigde England in the 70`s, and speakers are HH`s own PL50 (each speaker 50 watt). Tag on the backside says: Modell 412 EL MINOR, power 200 watt 8 ohms.

Anyone of you TGPèrs know anything about this cab, and especially if it`s suited for plexi styled amps (Cornell 45/50 plexi, Metroamp jmp 50 1987 and Germino Masonette 25)?

your replies will be much appriciated.


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