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Hi from Brighton UK, I've got a free guitar lesson podcast at tunein-toneup.com

I love playing the guitar and would appreciate follows, comments and likes on SoundCloud and my website (https://tunein-toneup.com/). You can find links on my website to my SoundCloud account (https://soundcloud.com/user-526803045) where my guitar teacher's (Dan Davies) and my podcast is hosted and also a link to my Flipboard magazine (http://flip.it/u6DWX3).
We hope you find it interesting and useful and look forward to hearing feedback and guitarists out there getting in touch.
You can find us on Stitcher too, and hopefully (when approved) soon on iTunes.
So far episodes out on:
  1. Blues improvisation - pentatonics, blues note, modes, tone and a jam.
  2. A neoclassical approach - techniques including pedal tones, string skipping, sweep picking and warmups. Includes an Yngwie Malmstein song.
  3. A country vibe - chicken pickin, double stops and bending riffs. Includes Dan's great version of brown eyed girl.
  4. To be released 30th December: Funk Patterns and rhythmic grooves - can't take my eyes off of you, Le Freak and funk soloing, chicken picking rhythms (e.g the Eagles and Bad Company), and ideas from Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters songs.
In the future:
  1. Interesting chords open 7ths, 9ths, 11ths etc.
  2. Jazzy chord extensions and comping
  3. Another rhythm lesson, perhaps covering finger style
  4. Modal playing and improvising
  5. Legato, harmonic minor, sequences and vibrato
  6. Arpeggio substitutions
  7. And many more ideas including using acoustics, recording and more on percussive playing

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