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Hi From Southampton, UK


Hi All.

I am Jim from Southampton. I am in the process of building a Fender Deluxe 5E3 in the carcass of a Laney AOR 30 shell. I mainly used that for the transformers, tube sockets and to have something to keep it all in.

I will probably be inhabiting the amps/cabs tech corner mostly but it will be good to have a good look around.

I have a qualification in electronics and I play guitar in a band. I think it is called "classic rock" these days but I play Cream, Led Zep, AC/DC type stuff. I have a 2204 that I re-tubed and a Gibson Lea Paul for that. That does sound good I have to say, but I also very much like the sound of the 5E3 the other guitarist in the band is using. Hence the project to build one something like that myself.

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