Hi I'm Number8


Number 8 is a fond expression that some here know about. I'll leave it at that.

I play an Ibanez Jem7DBK, an Ibanez UV7PWH Universe, an Ibanez UV777GR Universe,a Fender Jeff Beck Strat(old style with 4 Lace Sensors), a Floyd Rose Discovery series with extensive mods, EMG S, S, 81 with a low voltage sensor, sort of a fun project to make a number 8 for real, the Speedloader is too damn cool, and an Ovation acoustic thingy. I'm a doddering old fool so forgive my opinions.:)

My amps/preamps are,
Carvin VL212 Legacy 100 watter,
Digitech 2120
Digitech 2101
Rocktron Chameleon
Randall RM4

Effects are as follows,

Digitech Whammy 2
Morley Bad Horsie
Morley Little Alligator
Boss DS-1
Boss DD5
Boss CE5
and some other junk.:)

Nice to be here!

Dr. Tweedbucket

Deluxe model available !!!11
Did you know the Beatles had a Number 9 ?

And Jimi said, if 6 was 9, he didn't mind !! :Devil

ok, welcome anyway ...

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