High Headroom Tremolo


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Thanks for all the suggestions - certainly a few that I hadn’t heard of yet.


I have a Powerglide on my board. It has a ton of headroom and is the best sounding "fendery" trem I've tried. The only time it didn't have enough headroom was when I blasted it with a Kingsley 1 Watt power amp. Funny thing was it still didn't clip, it just reacted by blasting the volume level when brought into the circuit.


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I wound up using the Toneczar Powerglide and haven’t looked back, even as my rig and needs have evolved. Works great, sounds great.
Great choice!

I have the Toneczar Stereo Powerglide and it is absolutely amazing. I was having headroom issues with lots of pedals because a couple of my p90 guitars have high output and even clean with the guitar volume on full they would clip some pedals and I am absolutely bonkers about my cleans being pristine. I have had to replace many pedals in my search for clean tone. Anyway, yes the toneczar delivers and is worth the price tag.

I am using mine really as a stereo panner though and although I could put it into mono mode but I love the panning. I was considering getting a second powerglide, the mono version, to put before my stereo effects just for deep throbby stuff before the panning. Space is an issue on my board though so I am still looking into smaller high headroom transparent mono tremolo pedals.

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