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I have a Hamer Korina Vector that I love, but the Duncan 59 in the bridge is just not my bag. It just souds flat and lifless. I have heard that Korina is a bit brighter than mahogany. I was thinking of going with something a bit darker in the bidger like a Duncan Custom 5. However, I would be interested in any other options.

I am playing through a Mark IV and I am really like the hard rock and metal tones from the 80s.

Appreciate any suggestions!


Hard rock and metal tones from the 80's don't sound dark to me at all. It's usually a really hot humbucker in the bridge position, or an active pickup there...

I'd try to find the clearest, nastiest sound you could get that would still sound good with distortion as well. I love '59 in neck position, but in the bridge, it doesn't quite give me enough. Duncan Distortion, Custom Custom, Dimarzio Blazes, D-sonics, etc all have their fans...or you could try a boutique offering everyone likes: Lungren, Wolfe, Bareknuckles, Lollar, Fralin, etc, etc...


WCR Ironman!!!!! I have had two, one in an LP, and it sounded spectacular. I just installed another one into a PRS McCarty w/ IRW neck, and it again, sounds wonderful.

Great product, you would not be dissapointed


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The custom 5 in the bridge of a mahogony or korina guitar just RULES. Its like a 59 but hotter and fatter and stronger. Perfectly matches with a 59 in the neck.


I think a lower output PAF sounds good with Korina. I have Shaw Gibsons in my V and they sound great, tried others but always go back to the shaws.

I would try a PAF clone type, you can always get gain from another source. I think you limit youself with a high gain pickup, they usually sound to compressed for me, may loose some highs also. You can roll off some highs with your tone control or distortion EQ. You will still have some nice dynamics from the pickups

IMHO.......Korina is such a lively resonate wood lower gain pickups work better. High gain pickups would not allow you hear the difference between Korina and mahogony

Then again most of the metal guys from the 70's and 80's used mahagony V's.......................................


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Manlius "Specials" are really nice pickups - like a tweeked out BK "Rebel Yell". Great range from clean to crunch they clean up really well when rolling off the volume. As Mick explained to me: a hot pickup doesn't have to be limited to high gain. They can be tame as kittens, or roar like a lion if they are wound right. I have a set and he's right on the money. I had him wind me a set of "Rebel Yell" clones and they are great, but when he came up with these I ordered a set and they sound better to my ears. As with any advice you receive here - YMMV


I put PRS HFS in the bridge position of my Flying Vs, they're powerful pups and with the broad range of overtones they produce really sound huge. That or a Duncan Invader would be good choices if you want a darker, high output pup.

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