Higher quality Laney LC15r?


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I have several nice amps, but I find I'm using my Laney 15r more than anything these days simply because of its size. It can basically fit anywhere, and while it's only decent sounding, it probably has the best tone to size ratio I've ever heard. Is there another 15-30 watt highish gain combo that is the same size as the Laney? I mean, the LC15 is REALLY small for what it puts out.

I am on the cusp of upgrading it (new speaker, new Output transformer, nice tubes), but given the LC15's rep for being a hard amp to service (just changing the tubes is a pain in the booty), I'd rather just go ahead and get an "upgrade" amp that sounds similar rather than investing in what was made to be a practice amp. Anyone have any ideas?


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How about the Lionheart 20 watt? I own the L5T-112 and absolutely love it (but doesn't seem to have the power you're looking for). I've owned the VC30, LC30, and now have the L5T-112 and a Cub 12R, so you can tell I'm a huge Laney fan. I've just heard that the Lionhearts are a bit more hand crafted, so I thought it might fit your desires.

Good luck!

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