History of the fuzz - Calling all fuzz experts - I need a list of the main fuzz boxes

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    I want to learn the history of the fuzz.

    I need for you fuzz experts to make a list of the fuzz boxes when they were created and who uses them. (Hendrix - Jack White)

    For instance Jack White uses the Big Muff and Jimi Hendrix used the Fuzz Face.

    Big Muff
    Fuzz Face
  2. MadFrank

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    I like to think that there are 4 main groups of Fuzz.

    Tonebender - Actually a 'Family' of fuzz's - all distict. Mk.1,2,3,4,1.5,SupaFuzz, Buzzaround, Zonk, 3-knob, Coloursound Jumbo etc..

    Fuzz Face - 2 main classic variations - Germanium and Silicon.

    BIG Muff - Different variations thru it's production runs since the early 70's has let to distinct types - Rams head, Triangle, Op-Amp, the 'Russian' versions, etc...

    Fuzz Factory and it's imitators/ inspired by -variations - Lot's of 'velcro-roar and gated, spitty, noisy, oscilating type fuzz's that have been inspired by this ZVex classic, which in turn was inspired possibly by some of the very early classic fuzz's that dont really fit into the above catagorie's, like ;

    Maestro - 'Satisfaction' by the Stone's. The first commersially available fuzz?
    Jordan BossTone
    Sam Ash AstroTone - Tommy Bolin/James Gang.

    And lot's of other cool and unique and obscure fuzz's from the 60's/70's fuzz hayday.

    There are a few modern Fuzz's that are really their own thing too, and not just copies/re-creations/variations of the above, but even this may be a contreversal subject! I would say that Paul Trombettas 'Mini-Bone' and Black Art's 'Pharaoh' are two that fit this catagory.

    This is just as breif and as incomplete a layman discription as I can make it/understand it. You could probibally drive a bus thru the gap's in my knowledge about the history of fuzz, but I think it may serve as a good start. and as you can see, it's a big world of fuzz!

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