Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo?


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It seems like Hiwatt only made these for a little while, but I love the small, rackable format... I've been keeping one eye on ebay for awhile, but it seems like these are hen's teeth!

Does anyone here use one? How do they sound? Tell me what you know TGP about the Hiwatt Tape Echo!
I have one and I use it daily. Very good sounding effect, obviously comes with the tape echo benefits and drawbacks. The major win for me is that the Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo can fit under my pedalboard. It sounds very natural, has a soft type of tape compression which makes the effected tone come out a bit different (and mixes really well with the dry tone). The settings can be set very extreme - very short or very long, I think 1.5 seconds. Endless repeats and feedback if you want. It can stay in the background to thicken up the sound, or you can use it for those really in your face slapback tones or Dave Gilmour repeats. Hiwatt did not add a special preamp, not like the Echoplex or Roland. So the tone from the CTE is quite natural.

Please find some demos. Please note: the Echo badly needs a fresh tape and demagnetizing/cleaning of the heads.

Echo at the 0:58 mark:

Echo is only featured in the first clip:

Hey! Does anyone know where I could get a manual for a CTE? I just got one used, but no manual and the hiwatt site is down.
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Hey guys...resurrecting an old thread. I’m also in need of the Hiwatt CTE manual. Would anyone be willing to provide me a copy? I’d be most grateful. I have this one:

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