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Hollow sound when stomping large metal midi board. Can I stuff with foam?...


So I just received a Voodoo Labs Ground Control Midi board which is a large(ish) 15 switch metal board which resonates that hollow metal sound when engaging switches. Many boards that are larger made of metal do this. I'm not pickin' on Voodoo Labs and most prob don't even care about the sound, but if were to stuff it with foam, do you think it would combat the problem? Or more importantly, would it cause any problems such as shorts or fire,etc.
I actually have a few sheets of pink "anti-static" foam which is light and spongy soft.
I know an answer may be "give it a try", and that's no prob, but I wanna know the safety issues if any.


Get some of that cheap thin craft foam open it up and cut some strips to glue to top piece if you can get to it.

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