Holy crap! Dickey & Allmans at the Grammy's


The ABB is not the ABB without Dickey Betts. It just ain't. I hope they play, come to their senses, and get back together. With Derek on his farewell tour, it's the perfect time to reunite.

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I hope and pray he's off the sauce, both for his health and for the quality of the music. If all is well then I'll love hearing it. ABB doesn't sound right without his wonderful playing


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I remember in 2009 how the Allman Brothers were doing a New York series of shows and having a bunch of guests play in honor of the memory of Duane Allman. At that time there was hope that Dickey Betts would play, and according to Derek Trucks, he was asked but Betts declined. That would have been cool because, even though Gregg kicked him out of the band, Betts has always spoken warmly of Duane. He would have appeared for Duane, not the ego-driven tribute band known as the Allman Brothers.

Now that he's accepted this, I'm strangely indifferent.

Maybe it's because the Allman Brothers are a tribute band, and adding Betts ain't going to change that. Also, with Dickey playing, the performance will be uneven because Betts has lost a lot of his playing abilities.

Even so, I'll watch any video of it on YouTube I'm sure (I don't own a TV to watch actual event).


Any chance this could NOT turn into a bash the Allmans thread? i.e. "they're just a tribute band without Dickey" or "back in my day..."


I think its great. They probably aren't going to play anything at the Grammy's but its good for them to be together in one place again


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I guess I can dream but I would pay dearly to see the ABB reunited w/ Betts and Leavell; even if it's just one DVD/show.

Never felt the love for Derek; a great player for sure but it never sounded like a good fit to my ears. Hope they replace him w/ someone who plays less "outside". I miss that country/swing influence that DB brought to the table.


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I just saw Dickey on the Rock Legends cruise - two different sets. In one he was sober and the band was tight, in the other it was a late night, last night, party-type gig at midnight and most everyone in the band was feeling a little too good. It definitely made a difference.

Dickey can still play - probably not like he used to play, but he still has an identifiable, unique style and sound. I will say this - his band is committed to the old sound, with their Marshall Super Leads and Dickey's SG guitar. Vintage sound all the way.

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