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    Well the band wants to get out and play more gigs, and i dont blame them, they are pretty good. So i broke out the recording equipment and were making a demo.

    here are our first 2 so far. My wife is singing the first song, i am singing the second. the bass player hasnt come by to put down his tracks so its just me on the bass, and i play all guitar tracks.

    our other member Marsha is next and she does a great Janis Joplin so she is going to record Piece of My Heart. should be cool, hopefully within the week.

    Thanks for listening.



    here is our set list as well, all 3 of us split the vocals for leads and all do backups.

    TASTY set list
    Motherless Child R. Havens B-
    Black Horse and a Cherry Tree KD Tungstel E-
    Ain’t No Sunshine Eva Cassidy D-
    Like the Way I Do M. Etheridge D-
    Hold On A. Shakes C
    Anytime Journey E
    Piece of my heart J. Joplin E
    Love the One You’re With Isley bros E
    Proud Mary T. Turner D
    Love Song Adele C-
    Lights Journey D
    Treat me right Grace potter D-
    Lonely Boy Black Keys E
    Tell me something good C. Kahn F
    Rolling In The Deep Adele C-
    Who got the Hooch Everything G
    Seven Bridges Road Eagles D
    Young And Beautiful C. Underwood A
    Glory Box Portishead Eb-
    Blue on Black K.W Shepard D
    Hit the road jack R. Charles A-
    Fever L. willie john A-
    You know im no good A. Weinhouse A-
    Midnight Rider A. Bros D
    Stir it up B. Marley A
    The Weight The Band A
    Chrome plated heart M. estheridge E
    Rhiannon S. Nicks A-
    Feeling Alright J. Cocker C7
    Fire on the Mountain Grateful dead B
    Son of a Preacherman Dusty Springfield E
    Nothing but the Water Grace potter A
    Don’t Change INXS A
    Don’t Let Me Down Beatles F#-
    Cowboy Take Me Away
    Happy Trails F
    Im Free E
    Use Me Up Bill Withers E7
    Make it Wit Chew Queens O T Stone Age E
    Man Of Constant Sorrow G
    Oh Darlin The Beatles E
    Lay Down Sally E.Clapton A
    Red Neck Woman F#
    Mercy Mercy Mercy C. Adderly Bb
    Move too Slow Iguanas F
    Just Got Paid ZZ Top E
    Talkin Loud Sayin Nothin J. Brown Eb7
    Where is my Mind Pixies E
    Mercedes Benz
    3 Little Birds B.Marley A
    Aint Wastin Time No More A. Bros B
    Tough Kelly Pickler G
    Feeling Good Nina Simone/Muse G-
    Where is my Mind Pixies E
    Heart of Glass Blondie E
    I got a woman R.charles A
    Bright lights G.Clark Jr. A
    Gold Dust Woman F. Mac D-
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