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Would it be appropriate to start a thread about my home theater plans in this forum?

I'm remodeling my basement, and one of my rooms will be a 12x24 'home theater.' This room used to be my studio, and it was (just) big enough for a couple guys to come over and jam or rehearse in. I actually had my PA set up inside my studio before the remodel, and we just played through it at low volumes.

Now that I'm converting it to a home theater room (with a <$1,000 5.1 surround system), I'm trying to figure out whether I can use this as a multipurpose room, for jamming AND for home theater. I'm trying to envision how the sound systems might work or overlap:
  • Run our instruments into the mixer, and running out the L and R RCAs to the receiver
  • Set up my PA in the same room (build a cubicle for each main in the front wall) and just run it as an entirely separate system from the home theater
  • Some kind of hybrid (mains from PA and sub from home theater system?)
Have any of you created a multipurpose room like this?

As far as the two sound systems, do you recommend I keep them separate, or could I use the home theater system for a small band with an electric, and acoustic, bass, and hand percussion.

Jonny Hotnuts

I wont say it cant be done but its going to be a compromise for both. A properly setup HT is not just 'put speakers here and there and call it a day'; it requires a significant amount of planing, design, soundproofing, sound treatments (bass traps, diffusers, absorbers).

When I started my HT I really thought I knew something but I didnt....I knew NOTHING!!!! I am about 75% through my build and pound it EVERY DAY to get done.

So you could add your band stuff...but it will compromise the theaters ability to be a theater AND it will compromise a practice room from being a practice room.

Here is mine in process:

130" 2:35
2 rows: 3 in front 4 on riser
Full Dolby Atmos
Marantz 7011
12X 15" Ultimax subs and +10K watts
JVC DLA-x700r projector

It looks like a mess now but even a few weeks ago was unrecognizable.

GOod luck on your adventure!



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That looks flipping amazing! Yours is 20 times the project mine is going to be. I'd love to see pictures after you get it done.

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